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Monday, April 27, 2009

Nokia5800 xpress music Theme

New! Summer Sea
Nokia5800 xpress music Theme

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lion King Theme 5800 Xpressmusic S60v5

Lion King Theme 5800 Xpressmusic S60v5
360x640 Theme King
Galatasaray S60v5 Theme

Mah 5800 xpressmusic Theme S60v5

Mah 5800 xpressmusic Theme S60v5

SHAPE Services IM+ for Skype v3.01 S60v5 SymbianOS9.4

SHAPE Services IM+ for Skype v3.01 S60v5 SymbianOS9.4

IM+ for Skype is a fully mobile application that enables voice and text communication with other Skype users and provides cost-effective calling to landlines and mobiles.

Call Skype users to their PCs

With IM+ for Skype you can talk with other Skype users all over the world.
See who is online and chat with Skype users

With IM+ for Skype it is possible to have chat conversations with other users who are logged in with their Skype accounts on PC. Text messaging is a cost effective way to say something to your contacts instead of sending an SMS. By looking who is online, and sending a text message you can also check whether the contact is ready for a call.
Make cost-effective calls to any destination

IM+ for Skype is based on SkypeOut service that allows users to make and receive calls for a low fee.
Network Independence

IM+ for Skype works worldwide in any 3G⁄GSM⁄CDMA network and doesn't require WiFi.
Fully mobile solution

IM+ for Skype is fully mobile software. It does not require the PC with Skype running. IM+ for Skype enables users to call regardless of where they are.
Intuitive interface, easy to use

User friendly intuitive interface and built-in help make the software really easy to use for everyone.
One Time Fee, all updates included

One time fee for the application, no monthly subscription. By purchasing IM+ for Skype users are entitled to all software updates and upgrades.
Free technical support

Our Support Team will gladly answer your questions about the application via e-mail 7 days a week.

Classic Pong 5800 S60v5 Sis Game

Classic Pong 5800 S60v5 Sis Game
360x640 Game

Shock Shuffle - 1.0

Based on Arcade Classic Pong.

Four Difficulty Levels.

First to 10 points wins!

Download Game

Rambo Forever S60v5 Java Game

Rambo Forever S60v5 Java Game
Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic Game

RAMBO is back! It's now your turn to enter the legend of the world's most famous soldier with this spectacular and frenzied shooting game. No maze to explore, or puzzle to solve' just destroy before being destroyed.
Easy, fun and casual game-play (aim-shoot-reload), featuring a major second degree humor aspect.
- Spectacular graphics and animations, giving priority to' ACTION!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

New! ImageConverter 3.00 S60v3 S60v5 Nokia Applications

New! ImageConverter 3.00 S60v3/5 Nokia Applications
ImageConverter v3.00 S60v3/5
This example demonstrates how to use the image conversion APIs available in the S60 platform (Image Conversion Library, ICL). These APIs include important classes, such as CBitmapRotator and CBitmapScaler to be used for rotating and scaling images, respectively. CImageEncoder and CImageDecoder classes are used to access image encoders and decoders available in the ICL. With this example an image can be opened either from the device memory or a memory card (if present). Once opened, the image can be rotated, scaled, and saved in the same or a different format (for example, a JPG image can be converted into a GIF image). The UI of the updated application has been optimized for touch. For example, long taps and tactile feedback are supported. The example project supports building for both S60 5th Edition with touch UI and S60 3rd Edition with a traditional keypad. Important classes: CAknLongTapDetector, MTouchFeedback, CBitmapRotator, CBitmapScaler, CImageEncoder, CImageDecoder, CFbsBitmap, CAknQueryDialog.

Friday, April 24, 2009

New! Terminator Salvation Nokia S60v5 +S60v3 + S60v2 + Sony Ericsson Java Games

New! Terminator Salvation
(By Gameloft 2009)[Java Game]
Bütün ekRan BoyutLarı Mevcuttur.
Üretici: Gameloft
Ekran boyutu: 128x160, 176x208, 176x220, 240x320
128x160, 176x208, 176x220, 240x320 - 2D, 240x320 - 3D
Dil: İngilizce
Yıl: 2009

176x208 (NOKIA 6600/3230/6630/6680/6670/7610)
176x208 (NOKIA N70/N72/N91)

240x320 (N95/N95 8GB/N82/N85/N78/N6210/N5320/N81/N81 8GB/E66/N5700)

NOKIA 5800 360x640

176x220 (W810i)
800x480 (XPERIA X1)


Thursday, April 23, 2009

FlyingBubbles v1.2 S60v3 / S60v5 SymbianOS9.x

FlyingBubbles v1.2 S60v3 / S60v5 SymbianOS9.x Sisx Game
5800 Xpressmusic
The puzzle game for Symbian smartphones that is simply addicting.Match similar bubbles together in order to burst them from the board.The more bubbles you burst at once, the more points you receive.
Supported Phones :
Nokia N-series: N71, N73, N76, N77, N78, N80, N81, N91, N92, N93, N95, N96
Nokia E-series: E50, E51, E60, E61, E65, E70, E90
Nokia smartphones: 3250, 6110, 6120, 6290, 5500 Sport, 5700 Express music,
Nokia XpressMusic: Nokia 5800
Samsung: G810, SGH-i400, SGH-i450, SGH-i520, SGH-i550, SGH-i560, SGH-i570

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Go! Go! Rescue Squad! 5800 S60v5 Xpressmusix Java Game

Go! Go! Rescue Squad! 5800 S60v5 Xpressmusix Java Game


Find the hero inside yourself with Go! Go! Rescue Squad! Join the Squad andrescue the hapless Darwins from fire ravaged buildings. Steer them to the exits avoiding fire, exploding chemicals and collapsing buildings.Offering 64 levels of unique, laugh out loud, gameplay over six different districts.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

WebGate Easy Busy v1.01.51 S60v5 Unsigned Cr@cked-ErESPDA+illusion

WebGate Easy Busy v1.01.51 S60v5 Unsigned Cr@cked-ErESPDA+illusion

Sales calls and phone surveys, stalkers, your ex-boy or girlfriend, your mom (at times), so many calls that you want to avoid... Easy Busy comes to help. Easy to setup, easy to use - Easy Busy allows you to keep away calls from people that you would like to ignore. Features include:

* Calls rejected by an instant busy tone (not interrupting your privacy)
* Ultra-fast caller recognition (caller thinks the line is busy)
* Blocking of selected contacts from your phonebook (full phonebook integration)
* Blocking of manually added to Easy Busy contacts (for persistent callers out of your phonebook)
* Log with all rejected calls (so that you can later check who has tried to reach you)
* Discrete indicator on the phone stand-by screen that Easy Busy is running in the background
* Easy set-up and simple to use
* Easy adding and removing of blacklisted contacts (to quickly switch when situation changes)
* Auto-start on system startup (to never miss loading your Easy Busy phone guard)

Take control of your time – it’s easy, when you’re busy!



Easy Reject (Call & SMS spam blocker) Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic

Easy Reject (Call & SMS spam blocker) Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic

Always wanted to keep those unwanted calls and messages at bay? 'Easy Reject', the smart auto-reject tool is at your rescue. Reject calls with a busy tone. Get messages filtered silently to view and restore them later.

Following are some situations where 'Easy Reject' will prove handy:

Not get disturbed by low priority calls when you don't want to attend to themt

Avoid calls from unknown numbers

Protect from call & SMS SPAM

Keep your SMS communication private in a separate message box

Easy Reject comes with the following unique features:

Indicator on your phone's status bar which shows when ER is active

Auto-start mode

Various contact import options - import from phone log, phonebook or manually

Note: You don't need to sign it.


Love Me Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic Tema

Love Me Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic Tema
Nokia S60v5 Theme

360x640 Tema
Love Me S60v5 Tema

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Red and Blue Theme By Travis

XpressMusic Red and Blue Theme By Travis

For Nokia 3rd Edition OS9.x...made with Inkscape.
Credits to Travis.

Download Here

Google Translator Widget For Symbian S60v3 S60v5 3rd/5th Devices

Google Translator widget is a free software for Nokia S60, powerful and easy-to-use multilingual translation interface that uses the Google translation engine and satisfies your translation needs on the go.

Similar to its web based translation service, the Google Translation widget for S60 devices translates a section of text into another language. While using the service, widget auto detects the source language and you only need to select the language in which it will be translated to, enter the section of text and click the go button.

Download Here

Sygic MOBILE 2009 S60v3 / S60v5

Sygic MOBILE 2009 S60v3 / S60v5

Sygic2009 working on nokia 5800
Main features:
100% coverage of Western Europe and a great deal of Eastern Europe.
speed cameras for AND, B, E, F, FIN, GB, I, IRE, N, NL, S, P & PL
fast address search with fuzzy logic
fully customisable regional settings
improved itinerary planning via waypoints
interface ‘McGuider Assistant’ facilitates smooth download of updates and speed cams
POI management, alerts and importing custom points of interest
multilingual support in major cities like Wien or Vienna
lane guidance and advanced signpost information
TÜV SUD certified

Download Link :

Jamie Fuller SpaceDancer 1.00 S60v5 Multitouch Game

SpaceDancer V1.00 S60v5

The game idea was a simple derivative of 'guitar hero' or 'DDR' whereby you press a button or buttons along with the music.

The two major problems with this idea on this specific platform are:
1) Button layout, the buttons need to be in an easy to reach location , but also that will not require the phone to be shifted around to reach other keys. also when pressing the buttons its important that the main game play area is not obscured by the players hands.

2) most touchscreen devices are still only single touch capable. this severely reduces the number of button presses available. unlike a traditional keypad which allows for combos.

Both of these issues have been overcome as you can see in the video. The game is very early on in design but the underlying technology is the real product that I'm showcasing.

Download Here

Friday, April 17, 2009

World of Dice for Nokia s60v5 5800 and N97 mobiles

World of Dice for Nokia s60v5

5800 and N97 mobiles

360x640 Java Games

Nokai 5800 Xpressmusic / Nokia n97 30 Best Games

Nokai 5800 Xpressmusic / Nokia n97 30 Best Games

5800 game pack latest for s60v5.bat
5800 game pack latest for s60v5.txt
Far Cry 2_5800
Guitar Rock Tour_5800

Click here to download part1
Click here to download part2
Click here to download part3

Nokia Remix Ringtones New Collection

Nokia Remix Ringtones New Collection
Nokia remix melodileri
1) Nokia_Arab-SMS_Remix.mp3
2) Nokia_Dance_Ring_Remix.mp3
3) Nokia_Disco_Old_Ring_Remix.mp3
4) Nokia_Electro-Burst-Ring_Remix.mp3
5) Nokia_Flute-Ring_Remix.mp3
6) Nokia_Funky-House-Old_Ring_Remix.mp3
7) Nokia_Iranian_Beats_Ring_Remix.mp3
8) Nokia_L'amour_Theme.wav
9) Nokia_Let_The_Music_Play_Ring.mp3
10) Nokia_Morse_Code_SMS_Scratch_Remix.mp3
11) Nokia_N-Series_Theme.wav
12) Nokia_RAP_Old_Ring_Remix.mp3
13) Nokia_Rock_Version_Ring_Remix.wav
14) Nokia_SMS_Dance_Remix_Fast.mp3
15) Nokia_SMS_Remix_Hey_Boy.mp3
16) Nokia_SMS_Scratch_Remix.mp3
17) Nokia_Techno_Old_Ring_Remix.mp3
18) Nokia_Tune_Electro_Ring_Remix.mp3
19) Nokia_Tune_Kavkaz_Ring_Remix.mp3
20) Nokia_Vanity_Ringmix.mp3
21) Nokia_Vocal_Ring_Remix.mp3
22) Nokia_Xpress_Music_CUT.mp3
23) Nokia_Xpress_Music_UNCUT.mp3


Wednesday, April 15, 2009






Scary face theme for nokia 5800 xpressmusic

Scary face theme for nokia 5800 xpressmusic

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DeviantART theme for Nokia 5800 & n97

DeviantART theme for Nokia 5800 & n97

DeviantART theme for Nokia 5800 & n97

Download Here

Saturday, April 11, 2009

American Pie Naked Run (EN) For S60v5

American Pie Naked Run (EN) For S60v5

American Pie is back! The official mobile game will take you on an outrageous journey with Jim, Stifler and Nadia as they run in the ‘First Annual Naked Run of America’. Just think…15 colleges, hot girls and a whole lot of ridiculous American Pie moments. Remember that one time at Band Camp…? Well this is better than that

Download Here

Killer Mobile Total Recall 3.2.1 S60v3 S60v5 SymbianOS 9.x Unsigned Cracked BiNPDA

Killer Mobile Total Recall 3.2.1 S60v3 S60v5 SymbianOS 9.x Unsigned Cracked BiNPDA

Killer Mobile Total Recall v3.2.1 S60v3 SymbianOS 9.x Unsigned Cracked-BiNPDA

Total Recall is the Market Leading Call Recorder / Mobile Dictaphone for Symbian Series 60 2nd & 3rd Edition Devices. In classic Killer Mobile Software Style, we've Created an application that is super easy to use, while retaining all of the features you'll ever need. Total Recall allows you to easily record all or just some of your calls. We use super memory light AMR format, so you can literally record thousands of hours of calls on today's modern memory cards. And best of all, no pesky beep while Recording!

Core Features Include: (Note: Not all features available in all versions)
Extremely small footprint - consumes very little memory
No Beep Recording **
AutoSend Clips via MMS, HTTP* & Email
Unlimited Recording Time
Add notes to your clips
Record to Internal Memory or Memory Card
Intuitively named Clips
Transfer Clips to your PC with Ease
Password Protection Available
Auto Record All Calls or Be Prompted to Record
Manual Start/Stop via Hot Keys
Dictaphone (While not on a call)
Upload Clips via HTTP* (3rd edition only) (*Requires a free KM web user account for registered Total Recall users)
Autostart at reboot
FREE Updates for the Life of your device!
Ask about our FREE web based user account

Download Here
Download Here

Google Maps S60v3 / S60v5 SymbianOS9.x

Google Maps S60v3 / S60v5 SymbianOS9.x altFavorites

Save your favorite places so that you can easily return to them on the map.
Nokia phones
Google Maps for Nokia Works on most smartphones that run S60 3rd Edition. Popular Nokia phones that run Google Maps include:
Nokia 5800
Nokia N95
Nokia N70
Nokia N73
Nokia N75
Nokia N82, and many more

Download Here
Download Here

Mars 5800 xpress Music Theme

New! Mars 5800 xpress Music Theme
Tema Symbian S60 5th 360x640



New! JupiTer 5800 xpress Music Theme

New! JupiTer 5800 xpress Music Theme
Teme Sybiam S60 5th 360x640



Thursday, April 9, 2009

New NeptUn Themes Nokia 5800 xPress Music Tema

New NeptUn Themes Nokia 5800 xPress Music Tema
Nokia 5800 and Nokia N97 theme
Teme SymBian S60 5th 360x640

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Transport Tycoon Deluxe 5800 XpressMusic Symbian Game

Transport Tycoon Deluxe 5800 XpressMusic Symbian Game

Transport Tycoon Deluxe - economic transport strategy, in which the player's aim is to create the most profitable transport empire.
However, even a minimum income will be difficult at first. In fact, everything that you have at the outset - it is not very advanced transportation and bank loan of 100 000 pounds sterling. To potekli own money in your pocket, you will need to connect businesses and city roads and railways, to create air and water transportation route. All of this will be accompanied by a not very skilful, but fairly persistent attempts by competitors to snatch a piece of the profit.

The game does not stop even for a minute. Over time, new vehicles, but can - and new modes of transport. Cities grow and require more resources, in addition, the increase in passenger and freight transport is the need to increase the capacity of railways and roads, construction of new ways of communication and the acquisition of new transport. Certain requirements dictate, and weather conditions: you have a choice between a moderate, arctic and tropical climates. In addition to everything your little Mirko constantly threaten any adversity: economic downturn, the plane crash, explosions in the factories and mills, floods, etc. Technological progress and updating of transport, the struggle with competitors and opposition of local authorities - all this you will never get bored during the entire game a hundred years.

Installation instructions:
1. All files are SIS and SISX perepisuem from the archive and install on your phone (in any order).
3. Copy the files from the Data folder on your memory card openttd / data
4. Start the game, go to the menu and set the Advanced Setting / Interface / Interaction / Left-click scrolling - in the green / on


Monday, April 6, 2009

XpressDrums 5.00 For S60v5 Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic / N97

XpressDrums 5.00 For S60v5

Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic / N97alt

Make all the noise you want with this set of drums. The set is comprised of:
A Crash Cymbal
A Hi Hat
A Snare Drum
A Hi Tom
A Low Tom
A Floor Tom
A Bass Drum

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Warcraft 2 S60v3 S60v5 Sis Games

Warcraft 2 S60v3 S60v5 Sis Games

Stratagus 2.10.4 QVGA S60V3 port (beta)

- Supports S60v3 and S60v5 phones
- At least 12 MB free memory to start.
Large maps (>96x96) will require more memory.
Sound and Music enabled will also require more memory.
- For non-touch S60v3 phones, BT mouse is required to control the game.
Install support package from Hinkka ( and
please donate for his support.

-Extract contents onto the root of the external storage card or internal memory.
-Install Stratagus.sis on either internal memory or memory card.

- Wargus 2.1 Gameplay
- Wargus 2.1 PC Client (over network)
- Basic Network support. Only tested with G900 against Wargus 2.1 client over Wlan.

- To improve performance turn off music (or remove the music files).
This is specially important when in network mode.
- To lower memory requirements remove sounds and music folder all together.
(Not having sounds can save up to 5mb heap memory, which is good for P990, M600).
- If you have problems starting Stratagus (quits after blank screen with ESC), then change your number format so the decimal separator is '.' and not space or ','.

Frozen Bubble Twisted Beta 2 By Samir With Accelerometer Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic

Frozen Bubble Twisted Beta 2 By Samir With Accelerometer
Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic Sisx game
Here is Frozen Bubble Twisted.
It’s a remixed version of Frozen Bubble.
I had some game ideas, so I used Frozen Bubble source code to apply them.
About Frozen Bubble


Frozen Bubble is a popular free puzzle game, ported to almost all platform.
User controls a small canon, shooting bubbles and tries to hit other bubbles so to create groups of 3 or more bubbles of the same color. Whenever this is accomplished these bubbles go away. The purpose of the game is to eliminate all bubbles from stage.

New functions added to Elias Konstantinidi version.

* Accelerometer : Use accelerometer sensor to play and to set settings :
"Twist" your phone left and right and press a key to launch the bubble.

* Dynamic volume and balance : Change music behaviour according to phone position.
There is 2 options :
o Volume : The more you rotate your phone, the more volume will be less.
o Balance : Stereo balance change according to phone positions (better with earphone ).

You can set you own music by putting a file called fbtwisted.mp3 in c :\Data\Others

* Dynamic backlight intensitivity : Dynamically change backlight intensitivity according to phone position

* Vibration : The more you explosed bubbles, the more vibration duration will be high.
You have to enable vibration on your phone settings and unplug usb cable to get this option working.

Sensor FW - S60 3rd FP2 and S60 5th phones
Download -

Sensor API - S60 3rd FP1 phones with new firmware (N95, N82...)
Download -

GSensor - Samsung S60 3rd FP2 (Samsung i8510 Innov8 )
Download -

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Roses Are Red Themes For S60v5

Roses Are Red Themes For S60v5

Roses Are Red Themes For S60v5 Special thanks to Colourfool

Download Here
Download Here

Friday, April 3, 2009

Power Mp3 for S60 Mobile SyBiam TeLefonLar için

Power Mp3 for S60 Mobile SyBiam TeLefonLar için
Power Mp3 offers multiple audio file format compatibility which is really a great plus and really unique for any other mobile phone music or audio player. Currently it can play OGG, AAC MP3 among others with new formats being added into its portfolio every now and then.
UyumLu oLduğu modeLLer : Nokia 5800 Xpress Music, 5700, 5610, 5320, N70, N95, n96, N95 8GB, N81, N82, N85, N93, N92, N91, N80, N79, N78, N76, N75, N73, N72, N71, 6120, E50, N97, E51, E60, E60, E62, E61, E65, E70, 6290, 6121, E90, E71, E66 vb

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