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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cars themes for Nokia S60v5 Simbian 9.4

Cars themes for Nokia S60v5 Simbian 9.4
Nokia S60v5 otomobil temaları
Cars themes for Nokia S60 Simbian 9.4
2010 | 360x640 | Symbian 9.4 | .SIS | 12 pieces | 11.2 Mb

Platinum Sudoku 2 Java Games For S40 / S60v2 / S60v3 / S60v5 / Sony Ericsson

Platinum Sudoku 2 Java Games For S40 / S60v2 / S60v3 / S60v5 / Sony Ericsson
Platinum Sudoku 2 (JAVA)

Platinum Sudoku 2
Java | 2009 | Logic | English | 6,57 mb

128x128, 128x160, 130x130, 132x176, 176x208, 176x220, 240x320, 240x320 S60v3, 240x320 S40v3, 352x416, Sony-Ericsson 176x220 v2, Nokia 240x320, Nokia 5800 360x640

Pac Man Pinball 2 S60v5 360x640 Java Game

Pac Man Pinball 2 S60v5 360x640 Java Game

Do you play a mean pinball? Get ready to hit the tables and rack up those points in PAC-MAN Pinball Deluxe! Play your way through three tables filled with real life features such as Tilt, Stoppers, Bonuses, and even a Wizard Mode containing a full level of PAC-MAN! Compete against your friends for the High Score in this flipper-fest and become a pinball wizard!

Polarbit Iron Sight v1.02 S60v5.SymbianOS.9.4.Unsigned.Retail-gkataria

Polarbit Iron Sight v1.02 S60v5 SymbianOS 9.4 Unsigned Retail
The waning years of the 21st century saw the world plunged into strife and unrest on an unimagined scale. The third global war ravaged cities and buried the earth beneath mounds of rubble and radioactive fallout. As natural resources were depleted and nations thrown into utter destitution, the conflict slowly wound down. When the dust settled it was clear that a new power had emerged victorious. A conglomerate of multinational corporations had acquired colossal wealth and influence by supplying the warring fractions with all manner of weapons and instruments of annihilation.

At first, humankind welcomed the stability ensured by the Corporation. After decades of constant warfare the world screamed for order and safety, which the Corporation was only too willing to supply. Slowly but surely civilization was rebuilt, at the cost of freedom and personal liberty. In the brave, new corporate world, citizens were monitored, scrutinized and controlled from the cradle to the grave. Mind-controlling drugs and a ruthless secret police made every attempt at resistance futile… or so it seemed.

Unbeknownst to the upper echelons of the Corporation, small bands of outlaws and rebels managed to see past their petty squabbles and unite into a efficient guerilla army. It was not long until war had yet again gripped the world; but this time it was a war of revolution, a war for freedom… a war for domination!

Iron Sight offers a unique blend of action, strategy and simulation. The basic premise is deceivingly simple: destroy the enemy before he has a chance to destroy you! Attack with a large and varied range of weapons and power-ups: homing missiles, artillery, satellite support, cluster missiles and much more.

Iron Sight features an advanced AI – enemies respond to the current situation, value possible threats and weather conditions to select the appropriate weapon and utilize available terrain for cover. Beginners need not worry, however, as the game offers suitable difficulty settings for both newbies and battle-hardened veterans.

The campaigns take you through many different environments, from war-torn wastelands and frozen wastes to green grassland, all littered with the remains of a shattered civilization. Two separate single-player campaigns and multiplayer over Internet or hot-seat ensures hour-upon-hour of gameplay.

15mb file


The Legend of Sword and Fairy 28Mb Sis Game for S60v3 / S60v5

The Legend of Sword and Fairy
28Mb Sis Game for S60v3 / S60v5
Oyun Dili Çince
S60v5 İçin İngilizce Yama Var
Is an action RPG developed by Taiwan's Softstar Entertainment.
It is based on the Wuxia genre in a fantasy and medieval setting.
With the first of the series released in 1995, the game became one
of the most successful video game franchises in both Taiwan and Mainland China.


The Legend of Sword and Fairy is praised to be the pioneer of Chinese RPG.
It has deeply affected a whole generation of Chinese, and established a particular
Chinese style of story-telling and maze-running RPG. Many Chinese consider it to be
one of the most classical RPG games ever made.

In the first month following the game’s release in Taiwan, The Legend of Sword and Fairy
sold over 100000 copies. Sales reached 350000 copies in mainland China a month after the
game’s release there. The game’s sales totaled about 2 million copies, but as many as 20 million
copies may be in circulation due to piracy.

The Legend of Sword and Fairy won numerous awards. The game was recognized in 1995 by the Best
Role Playing Game award from CEM STAR magazine and the Golden Bag Game award (游戏类金袋奖) from KING TITLE.
The Legend of Sword and Fairy was also on the top of the Best PC Game List of the New Gaming Era (新游戏时代)
magazine until October 1996, for 14 consecutive months; and topped the “My Favorite Singleplayer PC Game”
list in the People’s Software (大众软件) magazine for ten years.

The Legend of Sword and Fairy is best characterized as a very memorable tragedy. Its plot, especially the
ending, has moved many players to tears.[4] Zhao Ling’er’s death and the question of whether or not
Lin Yueru was successfully revived have fuelled an abundance of forum discussions and fan fiction.
Yao Zhuangxian (Johnson Yao) became reputed as “The Father of Xianjian”, and many players reverently refer
to him as “Yao Xian”, or Fairy Yao.

Due to popular demand, the Kuang Tu production team released New Legend of Sword and Fairy in 2001.
Minor changes were made to the storyline; and the graphics was greatly improved using better technology
(new visual effcts, reproduced music, some additional storyline details, etc.). The most significant and
most requested addition was two new hidden endings. The game’s success eventually led to the creation of
the subsequent titles in the Legend of Sword and Fairy series, even somewhat against Yao’s wishes.


The protagonist, 19 year old Li Xiaoyao, lives in a small fishing village on the east coast of
China near present-day Suzhou. Li lost his parents at a young age and was raised by his aunt.
When Li's aunt falls ill, Li embarks on a quest to seek a legendary fairy, who lives on a nearby
island, for help. The fairy is called Zhao Ling'er, a 16 year old maiden who lives with her grandmother
in a hidden palace on the island. Initially, Zhao is reluctant to help Li, but being an orphan herself
as well, she is touched by Li's pleas and gives him some magical medicine. Due to many events on the
island after Li receives the medicine, he marries Zhao. He promises to return after he brings the medicine
back to his aunt, and bids Zhao farewell for now.

After Li gives his aunt the medication, he faints and loses his memory of the last 2 days, thus forgetting
his trip to the island completely. He loses his memory because he was given a memory-loss pill before he
left to the island by a guy who was planning to penetrate Zhao's island. Li's aunt recovers, and forgets
that she was sick as well. However, Li had already unknowingly broken the spell concealing the location of
the palace during his journey there. Zhao's enemies break into the palace and kidnap her after a bloody
battle. Li finds Zhao and saves her. He does not remember her but promises to help her return to the island
and help the people remaining there. The duo returns to the palace to save her grandmother but fail to do
so. With her dying breath, Zhao's grandmother reveals that Zhao's mother may still be alive and entrusts
her granddaughter to Li's care. When they return home, Li's aunt finds out about Li's marriage with Zhao
from Ling'er, and thus tells her nephew to take Zhao together with him to find Zhao's mother. Li's aunt's
plan is that when Li finds Zhao's mother, he will ask her for Zhao's hand in marriage, and be married
officially. She has no idea that Li Xiaoyao does not remember Zhao. The two of them set off on their journey.


The player guides the characters through southern China in landscapes consisting of cities, mazes, and wilderness. The game has no overland map; entry points to subsequent locations can always be found on the current location’s screen. The storyline is mostly linear. Once the player completes the quest associated with a particular location, there is usually no reason to return (In most cases, return is impossible, as either the entrance is destroyed or you travel to the new location via a game mechanic). Hidden items and quests are available, but they do not affect the story’s progression.

When the characters engage in combat, they are taken to a separate combat screen. Battles are purely turn based. Certain ability scores of the combatants determine which party acts first, and then actions alternate between the player characters and the enemies. The actions taken during battles mainly consist of normal attacks and casting spells. The players may also defend, throw and use items, and steal from the enemies. Once the appropriate equipment is obtained, the player may also capture monsters to later turn them into beneficial items. The magic system contains the five elements of wind, lightning, ice, fire, and earth, which form the descriptors for the offensive spells, each type able to counter another. There are also spells of no elemental type, such as Li’s Wan Jian Jue (incantation of ten thousand swords).

The player’s equipment is primarily upgraded through treasures gained in mazes and acquisition from shops. Defeating monsters usually make negligible contributions to the player’s inventory, but it is the primary source of money. Healing and combat support items can be made from captured monsters as well as bought. Using poisonous insects known as Gu as raw material, the player may also manufacture various offensive poisons.


The character descriptions provided here are in the context of the game.

* Li Xiaoyao (李逍遙) - Li's given name Xiaoyao means "carefree" and best describes his character. At the age of 19, Li still does not have any plans for his future. His only ambition is to become a valiant paladin ridding the world of evil. This vision fills his daydream. His meeting with Zhao Ling'er marks the start of his adventures, during which he gradually becomes more mature. Throughout the game, Li plays the role of a caretaker and protector of the female characters. In combat, Li Xiaoyao excels in attacking enemies with a sword. His magical repertoire is somewhat limited. They comprise mainly offensive spells which deal average damage and support spells which improve attacking strength.

Li Xiaoyao's love interest is an often disputed subject. Whether he truly loved Zhao Ling'er or Lin Yueru is the main argument among players. Some claim that his love for Zhao comes from responsibility more than love, and some disagree to this statement. In the game, it was never brought up, and it is assumed that Li Xiaoyao truly loved both of them and wished to be with them forever. A Nu was more like a younger sister to him, she fell for him, but he never developed a love interest in her.

* Zhao Ling'er (趙靈兒) - Throughout the game, Zhao is subjected to fate's torment repeatedly. At the age of 6, she flees her homeland to escape from an evil cleric who caused the death of her mother. Of divine lineage, Zhao possesses powers greater than any mortal. She is imprisoned in the Demon Prison Tower for that reason. With heavenly endowments come great responsibilities, so Zhao has to overcome all, including death, to do as her destiny wills. Zhao Ling'er is the best magician amongst the four main characters. She uses her mastery of the five elements (wind, lightning, ice, fire and earth) to attack enemies. She is also the most potent healer in the party. Zhao's favoured weapons are staffs, which usually have properties to enhance her magical powers. In the early parts of the game, when she has not yet developed her full potential, she uses a pair of daggers in combat.

* Lin Yueru (林月如) - Lin is the daughter of a rich martial artist and the niece of a powerful government official. As a result, she was spoilt by her family. However, her expertise in martial arts is still quite formidable and she is still good-natured despite her temper. Lin takes on a strong liking for Li Xiaoyao and she vows to marry only him. Lin follows Li on his adventures mainly due to the reason that she enjoys his company. Li is also on good terms with Zhao Ling'er and there is no rivalry between them for Li's affection. Lin uses a pair of swords in combat, but her favoured weapon is a whip. As such, she can strike all enemies at the same time and cause damage very efficiently. Her spells are basically an extension of this property, as they deal damage to all enemies in one single hit.

* A Nu (阿奴) - A Nu is the daughter of the king of the White Miao. She is also somewhat spoilt like Lin Yueru and had tasted little of hardships. A Nu is witty and manages to retain a great deal of youthful vigour despite the drought which plagues her homeland. At 14 years of age, A Nu is the youngest of the four main characters. She does not get emotionally involved with Li Xiaoyao as the other two female characters as she is still too young. Having spent most of her life in times of war, A Nu eagerly wishes to do something to restore peace. A Nu's combat abilities are supposedly not yet fully developed as she is too young. However, this is not reflected in actual battles. A Nu's magic differs largely in style compared to the others. She specialises in the use of poison and summoning swarms of vermin to cause great damage to enemies in the Miao region. A Nu's favoured weapon is the Miao scimitar and she wields staffs with less proficiency.

Game Preview:
Kurulum :

1.Install first.rar Doyasının içindeki Dosyaları Kurun..(sdl-1213-s60-23_armv5.sisx, glib.SIS, pips_nokia_1_4_SS.sis, stdcpp.SIS)
2.The_Legend_of_Sword_and_Fairy (RPG) S60v3.S60v5 by DzungKTS.sis Dosyasını Kurun..
İngilizce Yama : Yama Dosyasının içerisindeki Doyaları Telefonunuzun Data\pal Dizinine Atın..
How to Install:

1. Install all file in Install first.rar (sdl-1213-s60-23_armv5.sisx, glib.SIS, pips_nokia_1_4_SS.sis, stdcpp.SIS) if you have problem: update error -> because u already have it on ur phone, don't care about it!
2. Install The_Legend_of_Sword_and_Fairy (RPG) S60v3.S60v5 by DzungKTS.sis

3. Enjoy great RPG Chinese game supplied by me ^_^!
Download and extract to :\Data\pal

İlk Kurulacak Dosyalar
Oyun Dosyası
İngilizce yama Dosyası
İngilizce Yama : Yama Dosyasının içerisindeki Doyaları Telefonunuzun Data\pal Dizinine Atın..
S60v5 SDL Güncelleme Dosyası

Garfield Train Your Brain v1.1.7 S60v5 Java Game

Garfield Train Your Brain v1.1.7 S60v5 Java Game
Nokia-S60v5 360x640 Java Game
Language: Multi


Garfield Train your brain Nokia-S60v5 [J2ME]
Garfield is back to help you train your brain with over 20+ mini games bundled under 5 major categories; Logic ,Memory, Visual, Focus and Math. Avidly presented in comical style and touched with his traditional sarcastic humor, this fun filling experience will test and train your skills to the next level. Timely rewards for agile performance and unlockable goodies will keep your brain hungry. Simple pickup and play controls and immersive puzzled games will nourish your daily experience to compete with friends and family

3D Street Rail Racing [EN] S60V5 / s60v3 Java Race game

3D Street Rail Racing [EN] S60V5 / s60v3 Java Race game
N73 / N95 / E71 / 5800 Araba Yarışı oyunu
240x320 /320x240 /360x640
S60v5 360 640
S60v3 n73 / n95 240x320 / E71 320x240

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sherlock Holmes: The Official Movie Game [by Gameloft] s60v2 / s60v3 / s60v5 / s40 / Sony Ericsson Java Game

Sherlock Holmes: The Official Movie Game
[by Gameloft]
s60v2 / s60v3 / s60v5 / s40 / Sony Ericsson
Java Game
Language: EngLish

Ekran BoyutLarı:
128x128 / 128x160 / 176x208 / 176x220 / 208x208 / 240x320 / 320x240 / 352x416 / 360x640 / 480x800

[by G@meloft] Sherlock Holmes: The Official Movie Game (EN)
Step into the role of the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes and his partner Watson in the official movie game with a mystery that will require sharp wits and hard fists to solve. Women are disappearing from the streets of London and Lord Blackwood’s evil cult is somehow behind it - but why? Fight off Blackwood’s men in epic brawls, chasing suspects through back alleys, racing wagons down busy streets and using your powers of observation and deduction to find the clues you need to put it all together. This time, the challenge is anything but elementary.

New! Ovi Maps Racing [by Nokia] s60v5 Sis Game

New! Ovi Maps Racing
[by Nokia]
s60v5 Sis Game
Language: EngLish

s60v5: Nokia 5800 / N97 / 5530 XM / x6 / 5802 Xm / Samsung Omnia - i8910 HD

Oyunun videosunu Sayfanın devamında izLeyebiLrsiniz...

[by Nokia] Ovi Maps Racing (EN)
Oldukça basit bir standart 2D oyunu olan Ovi Maps Racing’in sırrı haritalarda gizli. Dünyanın herhangi bir caddesini alıp gerçek bir oyun alanına dönüştürebilirsiniz. Ovi Maps’in gerçek harita verilerine dayanarak çalışan bu oyunu dokunmatik ekranlı Nokia cep telefonlarında parmaklarınızla da oynayabilirsiniz. Manhattan, Prag, İstanbul… Yarışacak pistin seçimi size kalmış. Symbian S60 5th Edition destekli cihazlarda sunulan bu oyun ücretsiz olarak dağıtılıyor.

New! Wireless-Labs Message Mirror v3.00 S60v3 S60v5 Turkish (Türkçe)

New! Wireless-Labs Message Mirror v3.00 S60v3 S60v5 Turkish

Mesajlarınızı TEXT, HTML, CSV and XML formatlarına çevirebilen program.
Ayrıca programın şifre koruması da var.
Silinen mesajları bulabiliyor
Mesajları PC ye Bluetooth veya Kızılötesi ile gönderebiliyor.

Neler yeni?

uygulamanın gösterge simgesi Yatay ve dikey pozisyonlarda ayarlanabiliyor kaydırma özelliği eklemişler!
Bazı ufak düzeltmeler yapmışlar..
Birde v5 (5800) gibi cihazlara tam uyumluk sağlanmış..

Kaydol seçeneğine tıkladığınızda karşınıza çıkan 4 satırı rangele tamamen doldurun programı bu şekilde tam sürüm kullanabilirsiniz..
Aşağıda resimdede gösterilmiş zaten..
iyi günlerde kullanın..

Türkçe Çeviri: CepTeam - Evren

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Turkish [by EA Mobile] (Türkçe) s60v2 / s60v3 / s60v5 / s40 / Sony Ericsson Java Game

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Turkish
[by EA Mobile]
s60v2 / s60v3 / s60v5 / s40 / Sony Ericsson
Java Game

Ekran BoyutLarı:
128x128, 128x160, 130x130, 132x176, 176x208, 176x220, 240x320, 320x240, 352x416, 360x640
(Türkçe`nin Keyfini çıkartın)

[by EA Mobile] X-Men Origins: Wolverine Turkish (Türkçe)
"X-Men: The Beginning. Wolverine" - the game of the film, with excellent graphics, gameplay! You are waiting for nine levels, carefully prepared by the developers. Player involved in the destruction and everything that gets in his way.

G.I.Joe The Rise of Cobra Turkish [by EA Mobile] (Türkçe) s60v2 / s60v3 / s60v5 / s40 / Sony Ericsson Java Game

G.I.Joe The Rise of Cobra Turkish
[by EA Mobile]
s60v2 / s60v3 / s60v5 / s40 / Sony Ericsson
Java Game
Ekran BoyutLarı:
128x128, 128x160, 176x208, 176x220, 208x208, 240x320, 320x240, 352x416, 360x640
(Türkçe`nin Keyfini Çıkartın)

[by EA Mobile] G.I.Joe The Rise of Cobra Turkish (Türkçe)
In this game you are invited to experimenting yourself as an employee of the international division GI Joe. Department challenged the corporation, the leader of which is the famous Lord of War.

New! Ballix v1.00 S60v5 SymbianOS9.x.Signed

New! Ballix v1.00
S60v5 SymbianOS9.x.Signed

Prepare yourself for the rolling, bumping, jumping, switching, morphing world of Ballix.

Red ball, blue ball, yellow ball and green ball will be sounding in your head as you try to guide the colored balls into their corresponding holes. Use the pipes to move a ball across two lanes, turn on teleporters to move balls across the screen or simply open or close a hole to make that valued sink!

42 levels of increasing difficulty await you in the world of Ballix. Try to avoid pits and black holes as you guide the balls along the path to Ballix glory. Can you pass levels such as “Double Header” or get 100% accuracy on ‘Dead End”? All the levels in Ballix will test your problem-solving skills while giving your reaction time a real workout.

New! Crime Files: The Cursed Hotel [by GLU Mobile] s60v3 / s60v5 / Sony Ericsson Java Game

New! Crime Files: The Cursed Hotel
[by GLU Mobile]
s60v3 / s60v5 / Sony Ericsson
Java Game
Language: EngLish

s60v3: 176x208 / 208x208 / 240x320 / 320x240

s60v5: 5800 / N97

Sony Ericsson: K300 / K310 / K610 / K700 / S700 / C905 / W950 / W910i

[by GLU Mobile] Crime Files: The Cursed Hotel (EN)
All is not as it seems at Hotel Prestige… In this investigation game, you play as an experienced police inspector and a young journalist. Near bankruptcy, the hotel is facing a series of odd events including several burglaries. Who is guilty? What secret lies beneath the hotel? Collect clues and interrogate the residents to make them reveal what they know. Using powers of deduction, make them confess by cleverly turning their words against themselves. It's up to you to find out who is guilty!

s60v3: 176x208 / 208x208 / 240x320 / 320x240
inDir AlternaTif

s60v5: 5800 / N97

Sony Ericsson: K300 / K310 / K610 / K700 / S700 / C905 / W950 / W910i

New! GemMagic II Signed [by ZingMagic Limited]

New! GemMagic II Signed
[by ZingMagic Limited]
s60v3 / s60v5

Oyunda 17 dil var...
ßasit ve Eğlenceli bir oyun...

[by ZingMagic Limited] GemMagic II Signed (imzaLı)

Game features:

* Fantastic graphics and piece animation.
* Highly addictive gameplay.
* Choice of three game types to suit your mood !
* Three levels of play in each game type, easy, medium and hard.
* Lots of exploding gems
* Choice of multiple backgrounds
* High score table for each game type.
* Full player statistics, we dare you to show your boss the number of games you’'ve played
* Oh, did we mention its highly addictive ?
* Yes we did, but its worth saying again?.
* GemMagic is just one of our large collection of best of breed classic board, card and puzzle games available for a wide range of platforms.
* Supports 17 languages.
* This application is Symbian Signed.

New! SüperSMS 1.02 s60v3 s60v5 Turkish (Türkçe)

New! SüperSMS 1.02 s60v3 s60v5 Turkish

SüperSMS 1.02 s60v3 s60v5 Turkish (Türkçe)
İçinde hazır sms ler bulunan ve bu sms leri tek tıklamayla istediğiniz kişiye gönderebileceğiniz oldukça pratik bir uygulamadır.

Türkçe Çeviri: CepTeam - Ssteel

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New! Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing [by GameLoft 2010] s60v3 Java Game

New! Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing
[by GameLoft 2010]
s60v3 Java Game
Language: Spanish / Portugués

s60v3: 240x320-N95 / 320x240-PT
s60v5: 5800 Xpress Music-PT

[by GameLoft 2010] Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing [Nokia N95 SPA]
* 10 famous SEGA characters including Sonic, Knuckles, Dr. Eggman, Tails, Alex Kidd and more, each with their own unique vehicle & abilities
* 8 memorable tracks set in SEGA’s various game worlds like Sonic the Hedgehog™, Super Monkey Ball™, House of the Dead™, Jet Set Radio Future™, and many more!
* Collect rings to trigger the Mini-Boost for extra speed.
* Master drifts, slipstreams and stunts to be the fastest racer.
* Grab 6 varied weapons and power ups: K.O. Glove, Rocket, Ghost, Confusing Star, and Dash.
* 4 games modes: Race, Tournament, Time Trial, and Mission

240x320 inDir AlternaTif
320x240 inDir AlternaTif
s60v5: 5800 XPress Music inDir AlternaTif

Pirate Ship Battles [by Digital Chocolate] s60v2 / s60v3 / s60v5 / s40 / Sony Ericsson Java Game

Pirate Ship Battles
[by Digital Chocolate]
s60v2 / s60v3 / s60v5 / s40 / Sony Ericsson
Java Game
Language: MuLti [ÇokLu DiL] (ML)

Ekran BoyutLarı:
128x128, 128x160, 176x208, 176x220, 240x320, 352x416, 360x640

[by Digital Chocolate] Pirate Ship Battles (ML)

Discover a pirate-filled adventure that combines classic ship battle gameplay with a thrilling quest across the Caribbean – navigate through islands, battling pirates with up to 12 different fearsome fleets with special skills. Includes 14 characters, special AI controlled pirates and a classic ship battle multiplayer mode!

Three game modes:
Campaign Mode: high-seas quest for the princess, treasure and revenge
Quick game: Classic battle ship strategy
Hot Seat: The classic two-player ship battle gameplay
Large Caribbean map to explore
12 different fleets with a range of special skills
Endless replay value – AI opponents plus randomized and intelligent levels
Special weapons
Choose from a selection of special weapons to help you defeat the opponent
14 engaging characters: Fearsome and famous pirates among others
Customize your game
Customize the grid size for shorter and longer battles

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